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Expanded plank

Additional elements are boards covering end wall of the doorway. Installed with entrance and interior doors, if the wall openings wider than the thickness of the door frame. Perform protective and aesthetic functions, strengthen the box, prevent its loosening. You can buy additional straps with the processed or the raw edge and telescopic, whose ends have grooves to interlock with the frame and architraves.

Color: Wenge DeWild

Expanded plank

Expanded plank visually increases the width of the frame, if it is smaller than the depth of the doorway

Width 120,150, 250; Depth 10; Height 2060 (mm).

Telescopic moldings consist of a telescopic doorframe and an L-shaped architrave. If necessary, it is supplemented with expanded plank, which makes the thickness of the frame large enough to fully cover the doorway. Width 75, 55б 135; Width 10; Height 2060 (mm). You can see the details on the video.