Новий Стиль


New Style


Door leaf Marti with Black Glass

Type of of platband
Half rounded platband 70*8
Half rounded platband 70*10
Rectangulared platband 64*6
Rectangulared platband 70*8
Rectangulared platband 70*10
Type of door frame
Door frame 80

Color: Cedar

Cover : Ecoveneer

Ecoveneer is certified by numerous state standards. It is a natural origin material, very similar to the natural texture and color of the solid wood. In its structure, there are wood fibers and innovative polymer - polypropylene. Properties of polypropylene are well studied and researched by scientists around the world, and we can confidently say that the polypropylene is absolutely safe for human health.

Does not absorb dirt thanks to the absence of pores in the material structure;

Does not fade in the sun;

Does not change color;

Does not cover with cracks;

Does not stratify.