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During 18 years we have become the undisputed leader of the Ukrainian interior door market and one of the leaders of the European market. Starting from the manufacturing of door leaves of the one type, we have expanded the range of products to 1,000 models, united in 14 collections. We produce stile-and-rail and flush doors in 46 decors, different sizes and price range. Certainly, the production of such amount requires a special approach in sales management.

We developed a model of a successful business and supply the product that satisfies the needs of buyers of any level of income in Ukrainian and foreign markets. The NEW STYLE DOOR FACTORY exports the products to 38 countries all over the world. TM “NEW STYLE” is well known in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and even North America. Production capacity is 6,000 door leaves per day. That allows satisfying growing demands of sales markets. The New Style aspires to comply with the latest trends in world design and it attentive to the wishes of our customers. We regularly improve the quality and appearance of the products.

The model range of our company continues to grow because there is nothing more variable in the world than fashion and design. The variety of constructions and decors make our products suitable for any interior. Creative design solutions and modern engineering technologies make our product suitable for any interior and can satisfy tastes of the most demanding customers. However, construction and design of our doors can be adapted to the conditions of a specific region.

The New Style Door Factory is a synonym of the leadership, reliability, progress, and innovations.


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