Interior doors Elegant of TM “New Style” is a completely new collection. Before the launch we thought out the design and construction of each model to the smallest detail. The door leafs of the series are made according to the canons of neoclassical style and Art Deco. The richness of decorative elements and their harmony create an exclusive door leaf of the Premium class, satisfying the tastes of lovers of beauty at a low price.
The Elegant is manufactured according to advanced production technologies, on high-precision equipment in order to provide strong and reliable assembled doors. We have developed a new constructive platform and a unique way of assembling, which gives additional reinforcement. To be sure of the quality of the product, we have tested our doors on specially equipment. The interior doors of Elegant collection survived 55 000 open-close cycles with a draft effect, which confirms the long service life of the door leaf.
Aesthetic and functional properties of models make them ideal for people with exquisite taste, but with a limited budget for repairs. Designers of the “New Style” have developed three versions of door panels of various designs, which can be flush, glazed, with silver molding of the frame or without it.

Models are made in accordance with the canons of neoclassicism and art deco:
• Accurate, correct lines;
• traditional designs;
• strikes with massiveness and reliability;
• decor elements in the form of arcs, zigzags;
• complete composition.
And at the same time it contains details that bring warmth and comfort to the interior:
• smooth rounded lines of frames;
• deviations from symmetry;
• soft colors and restrained ornaments on the windows;
• unobtrusive silver molding on the frame.
Description of coatings
Interior doors Elegant are covered with Premium polypropylene decor. It is a waterproof coating that retains color saturation for a long time. It is also pleasant and warm to the touch, environmentally friendly and safe both in production and in use. PP coating is resistant to damage in the form of scuffs and scratches, resistant to cracks on bends, whiteness and gloss, even after 25 years.

Soft pastel shades create an atmosphere of home warmth and cosiness in the interior, and the technology of coating increases duration of exploitation. Collection of interior doors Elegant from TM “New Style” is designed to create in the apartment a harmonious interior with the help of a standard of elegant interior doors.

Manufactured in such decors: