We regularly monitor the dynamics change in the world of design and that’s why we have developed a topical product for all modern trends in interior design. Collection “ITALIANO” matches such styles as:
• Art Nouveau;
• Lounge;
• Classic;
• Fusion;
• Shabby chic;
• Loft;
• Grunge;
• Constructivism.
Due to the strict geometry, correct forms and harmonious combination of wood texture with various types of glass, this collection also perfectly matches with traditional designs.
The collection “ITALIANO” introduced a new kind of glass – the glass satinated “Bronze” and “Graphite”.
Smart Cover decor – a perfect combination of elegance and refinement.
“NEW STYLE DOOR FACTORY” constantly improves the model and decor range. Creating a new, modern decor, we put in priority its aesthetic qualities, practicality, and safety. The new SmartCover decor was created with love for consumers and care for you. We were inspired by the beauty of pearl tints and combined the traditional texture of natural wood with pearlescent gloss. Matt silver gloss transforms a standard decor item into a royal design element. Doors in SmartCover decor are durable, reliable and stylish.
Eclectic style, embodied in the SmartCover decor, makes it universal. The palette of the collection fits any design direction. The noble pearlescent gloss and the usual range of colors match the classic interiors. And the use of modern materials and production technologies makes it ideal for new design trends, such as techno, neoclassic, art nouveau. Its decor is resistant to mechanical stress, protects interior doors from moisture, steam, does not fade under ultraviolet light. SmartCover is friendly to the environment. It doesn’t emit toxic fumes in domestic use nor in the production of doors.
Each shade of SmartCover decors is thought out to the smallest detail, designers have created such a palette of colors:
• “Perla di Caffe”. Dark, conservative decor with a barely noticeable matte gloss. It resembles the surface of handmade Belgian chocolate.
• “Perla Bianco”. Light, pastel tone with a soft, pearly gloss. Complements classical design.
• Perla Magica. Bright and unusual decor that attracts attention. The color is close to the white truffles.
• “Perla D’Argento”. Neutral gray color, the pearly gloss of which gives a resemblance to silver.
• “Perla di Grafite”. Dark gray, graphite shade, the restraint of which dilutes the pearl gloss.
The SmartCover decor range is distinguished by the originality of the combination of the color spectrum and pearl gloss.

Manufactured in such decors: