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Air is preserved in the honeycomb, which increased the heat and sound insulation properties.
The perimeter is covered with solid MDF panels, 3 mm thick. But they are not inferior in aesthetic and operational indicators. the door leaf is covered with PVC film using membrane-vacuum pressing or by Finish foil with using laminating technology. Both methods guarantee a reliable fit of the coatings to the door leaf. The butt-ends of the doors are covered by PVC edged. Such interior doors are more affordable in comparison with an assembled or wooden one.
The collection “KOLORI” presents two models:
• “Standart” – solid door without engravings and decorative elements;
• “Sakura” – with an engraved sakura pattern.
These models are produced in two types of decors: PVC-DeLuxe and Finish foil. The first type has a more luster surface and more colors. It is more resistant to moisture and could be cleaned with a damp cloth and detergent. Finish foil has a more matte, rough texture without luster. It most closely resembles natural wood. The following colors are available:

Finish foil PVC DeLuxe
Wenge Dewilde Ash
Pearl oak Golden alder
Sandal Chestnut
Ash patina Wenge New
Alder 3D White
Nut 3D Nut premium
Cedar Grey

The production technology “NEW STYLE DOOR FACTORY” allows improving the stability of interior doors to mechanical damages, high humidity, and ultraviolet effect. At home, it resistant all the factors that are shown in the video:

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