The production technology of this type of doors consists of the following stages:

  1. Set up a pine timber perimeter, which consists of spliced logs with the “micro-bearing” technology.
  2. Installation of additional logs at the place for lock hole milling and at the place of installation of hinges.
  3. Filling the perimeter by honeycomb.
  4. Both sides of the perimeter are covered with 3 mm MDF panels.
  5. Installing of the MDF logs in the frame for glazing.
  6. Insert 4mm Satin or BLK glass.

This type of construction makes interior doors both light and strong, thereby reducing the cost of transportation and storage. This is a budget option for installation in apartments with many interior doorways.

The “KVADRA” collection includes interior doors in high-tech style with a variety of design: several types of color drawings on glass, with transparent drawings, with a mirror, with satin or black glass.
All models from “KVADRA” collection could be combined with each other.  You can mix in the different rooms of the house model with or without glass, different drawings, a mirror, and BLK glass. Model range of collection “KVADRA” comply with the high-tech style:

  1. Strict geometry.
  2. The symmetry of elements.
  3. Alternating textured and smooth parts.
  4. The absence of smooth, rounded, fuzzy lines.
  5. Minimalism in decor.

Decors imitate the structure of natural wood. The “Finish foil” decor is hard to distinguish from natural veneer, and PVC-DeLuxe decor resembles a laminated wood surface. Standard dimensions of door leave in “KVADRA” collection (in mm):

  • Thickness – 34;
  • Width – 600, 700, 800, 900;
  • Height – 2000.

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Manufactured in such decors: