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The New Style Door Factory has developed the concept of interior doors of the new generation – Liberty Doors. We have inspired the Italian quality and trends in door design. This brand satisfies the buyers of middle and premium class thanks to advanced technologies, unique construction and coatings.

Collection “Light” is the pilot project of Liberty Doors which combines ease and functionality.

As a result of fruitful work, the designers of the brand “Liberty Dors” embodied the basic concept of the collection in the lowered horizontal slats on the top and bottom of each door. It is this feature that highlights models from the new series among the diversity of the door market. The doors of the collection “Light” are made according to the rules of the hi-tech interior. Minimumal decorative elements, ussng of glass elements and line clarity.

Door leaf Lira standard ergonomics of interior doors: minimal glazing guarantees access to light, serves as an ornament, while not reducing the degree of reliability of the design. This embodiment of technological design allows you to arrange a living room in a high-tech style, without overloading it with elements of industrial style.

The geometrically correct elements of the interior doors of the Ibiza vary in size, creating an amazing composition with a small per sent of the glazing. The combination of contrasting materials make soft the cold rigorous style. Such doors will fit both in a small office and in an apartment in the techno style or loft.