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“NEW STYLE DOOR FACTORY” presents an updated popular collection of the doors “MODA” in modern PVC Ultra decors. In this collection, we introduce new construction of door leaves, which have expanded the choice of a suitable model for such interior styles as:

  • techno;
  • loft;
  • fusion;
  • Country;
  • minimalism;
  • constructivism;
  • avant-garde.

New models with-in already popular on the market make up a diverse and functional model range. The “MODA PVC” collection includes the following models of interior doors:

  1. Leona – a universal design with thin strips of glass fit for any kind of room: is it a bedroom, nursery, kitchen or hallway. Through a combination of smooth glass surfaces and textured wood coating gives an ability to use this model in eclectic or high-tech styles. Minimal glazing let in light, but, at the same time, clearly, demarcate the room.
  2. Viola an elegant, almost stained-glass door for the living room, kitchen or corridor. With such construction of the door leaf in the room is always light and spacious. Geometrically lines show the straightness and good taste of the owners, and the combination of natural shades with glass underlines the contrast in design.
  3. Lilu – one of the most popular models, which is rooted in the model range of “New Style Door Factory”. It’s a mix of sophistication and simplicity. This model perfectly combines the narrow and wide stripes, glass and wood. Symmetrical lines and original placement of elements highlight and attract attention to this model.
  4. Eliza is a novelty of which we are proud. A harmonious mix of lines, complex construction of glass of different widths combined with reliable decor. Strict adherence to the geometry in the door construction does not overload it with details. This model showed a combination of the complexity of the design idea and its perfect embodiment in the interior door.
  5. Diana – door leaf, which combines perpendicular and parallel lines, strong design with a cozy Provencal design. Doors are ideal for country or Mediterranean style, especially in combination with PVC Ultra decors with imitation of natural wood. This model could be combined with other models of the collection.
  6. Leila is a solid interior door for a bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. Structural coating highlights the assembled construction of a model, at the same time does not conflict with a simple design. Thus, the doors and decor harmoniously complement each other: on a solid door, color and texture play a leading role. “Leila” is perfectly combined with glazed models.

All models of the doors from collection “MODA PVC”, except “Leila”, could be produced with both satin and black glass.

PVC Ultra Coating: new interpretation at the eternal

PVC Ultra is a new palette of shades of polymer coating from “NEW STYLE DOOR FACTORY”. The decor is reliably protecting the door leaf from the effects of extremes temperatures and direct sunlight, resistant to mechanical action. An updated range of shades accurately conveys the texture of wood visually and on touch. PVC Ultra colors look as close as possible to natural wood. Doors in PVC Ultra are difficult to distinguish from solid wood or veneer doors. The coating has the following advantages:

  • long service life;
  • resistance to external factors;
  • easy care – you can act wet cleaning with a weak soap or alcohol solution;
  • natural shades;
  • all doors in the same color have no diversity of shades in one decor.


PVC Ultra is a profitable alternative to expensive natural covers, equivalent in terms of ergonomics, safety, and aesthetics.

PVC Ultra

Oak milky

Oak smoky

Oak honey

Oak muscat

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