The collection “NOSTRA” is a wide range of technologically new models. The concept of these doors is a clear symmetry, correct lines, restraint in the decor. The smooth surfaces, innovative colors, materials, and coatings are characteristic of modern trends in interior design. So that we recommend this collection of interior doors for techno or high-tech style. The next rules were followed to create collection “NOSTRA”:
1. Contrast combination of structural and smooth surfaces. Wooden and glass parts alternate in the models.
2. Innovative technologies in production. Assembled doors are durable and reliable door leaf.
3. Restrained design. The doors produced without drawings and engravings, which suitable for strict “techno-interiors”.
4. Geometrical designs. All lines are straight, without bends and rounding, with right angles, precisely aligned and symmetrical.
Such concept of the collection “NOSTRA”, it is suitable to install these models in offices, industrial premises, shopping centers, stores, and hotels. They are also suitable for apartments in such styles as – loft, industrial, hi-tech, techno, minimalism.
The collection includes the following models:
• Greta – perfect proportions of glass and wood;
• Linneya – with horizontal transparent stripes;
• Laura – with rectangular stripes in the center of the leaf;
• Piana – with five rectangular glass insert in a checkerboard pattern;
• Della – with two vertical stripes on one side;
• Mira – with thin glass lines;
• Muza – with wide inserts of glass, separated by wooden slats;
• Louiza – corrugated panel in the center in contrast with the smooth glass inserts on the sides.
All models are produced with satin or BLK glass 4 mm thick. The models Linneya and Piana could be produced as a solid door.

Also available decor Polypropylene Premium, in a White matte color.
The standard dimensions for the door leafs (mm):
• Thickness – 40;
• Width – 600, 700, 800, 900;
• Height – 2000.
The producing of the models from the “NOSTRA” collection, the edgeless technology is used. This means that all parts of the door leaf are covered by PVC DeLuxe film completely envelops them so that they look completely and do not require gluing the edges.

Manufactured in such decors: