The collection “SIMPLY” from “NEW STYLE” DOOR FACTORY – is a budget version of the door’s design. It’s flush door with stamped HDF panels – skins for painting.

The vacuum pressing applying a wood structure to the surface of the door leaf, which can be painted in any color suitable for any interior. The doors from the other collections of the “NEW STYLE DOOR FACTORY” are covered by different decors, such as – PVC-DeLuxe, Finish foil, Polypropylene Premium, and NanoFlex in different colors.

The collection has such models:

  • “Venzel”;
  • “Classic”.

There is two variant of production of such doors the solid door leaf and with satin glass. The doors in this design are also presented in the collection “Fortis” in PVC-DeLuxe coating. Different door leaves of these two collections could be combined with each other. So that you can mix glazed or solid versions of the same model for different rooms.

Doors for painting give space of design ideas. They can be painted in one color, copying some kind of wood or bright deep shades. For a child’s room fit:

  • Violet;
  • Yellow;
  • Green;
  • Blue.

Also, you can use popular in modern interiors colors – black, grey, pastel shades. For antique design, you can add patina, blotchiness, sputtering with bronze or gold. Successful combination with accessories and antique furniture, such author interior doors complement the original design. The door leaves are covered with primer so you can leave in white color, which will match any wall decoration.

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