“NEW STYLE DOOR FACTORY” constantly improves and expands the model range. We regularly monitor the door market and create each model, due to modern tendencies. The “VIVA” collection presents the spirit of freedom and a gorgeous design.
The originality of the model range “VIVA” is in the absence of crossbars. The door leaf consists of MDF panels with alternating glass inserts and two pine timber stiles. Additional durability is reached due to a reliable fastening of details with wooden pins and glue. The absence of cross-bars It brings a special zest to the design of each model, hinting at the infinity of space and the love of freedom that is so popular in modern interior designs. In addition, the original construction of the collection “VIVA” comply with the new trends in interior design:

• geometry;
• clear lines;
• absence of extra details;
• symmetry;
• alternation of matte and glossy elements.

This concept makes the “VIVA” door range ideal for complementing interior styles such as techno, high-tech, industrial, art nouveau, avant-garde, fusion and futurism.

Manufactured in such decors: