Увага! Наявність дверних полотен у точках продажу може змінюватися відповідно до виробничої асортиментної матриці виготовлення продукції, або закупки продукції дилерами та торговельними точками ТМ "Новий Стиль".

Model Bazis

A blank canvas engraved with strict vertical lines. The peculiarity of this model is that some lines intersect with each other, and some do not. It lends an element of playfulness and chaos. Such doors will perfectly combine with plain light or dark wallpaper, as well as tiles. They will be a good solution when choosing a door leaf for a large and bright office space or home study.

Unique coating of the highest quality Silk.

The coating is capable of conveying as clearly as possible the texture of apparent and at the same time light fibrousness, which is covered with a monochromatic and light pearly effect. This combination makes it possible to change the shade depending on the angle at which the light enters the decor.

The decor is resistant to high temperatures, ultraviolet rays and moisture, does not lose color brightness and does not form cracks in the result of prolonged exposure to the direct sunlight, does not lose its aesthetic appearance with the prolonged mechanical exposure. This decor is easy to maintain. Can be washed with soapy water or special solution.

To clean the dust, we recommend using a soft damp sponge and wiping the door leaf with light movements. Then apply a absorbent or damp paper towel.

It is forbidden to use chemicals, metal and abrasive sponges, substances with abrasive paste and with aggressive components (chlorine, acetone, acids). It is forbidden to clean with a steam generator.

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