Donna is a flush interior door based on spliced logs.

Увага! Наявність дверних полотен у точках продажу може змінюватися відповідно до виробничої асортиментної матриці виготовлення продукції, або закупки продукції дилерами та торговельними точками ТМ "Новий Стиль".

Interior door Donna from Intera collection is a reliable and strong embodiment of a classic door leaf. The design of the Donna model stands out with engraved curls between the upper and lower parts of the leaf. The drawing attracts attention, makes the design of the door interesting and complex. Smooth rounded lines soften the severity of the classic style, contribute to a cozy and warm atmosphere in the interior with such doors.

PVC-DeLuxe (polyvinyl chloride) is a thermoplastic, artificial material obtained from natural raw materials. It is difficult to distinguish interior doors with such decor from solid wood doors or covered with natural veneer, although PVC-DeLuxe has the following advantages:

– does not lose color saturation and does not form cracks as a result of direct sunlight;

– resistant to high humidity;

– does not lose an aesthetic appearance with prolonged mechanical stress;

– all doors in the same decor do not differ in color.

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