Kamea is a flush interior door from “Modern” collection.

Увага! Наявність дверних полотен у точках продажу може змінюватися відповідно до виробничої асортиментної матриці виготовлення продукції, або закупки продукції дилерами та торговельними точками ТМ "Новий Стиль".

Interior door Kamea stands out among traditional structures with abstract glass shapes. Angular asymmetric figures complement each other with repeated bends. They give the impression of movement and serve as an additional source of light for the room. The glass shapes resemble the broad strokes of the artist who adorned the doors in the style of the avant-garde. The Kamea is combined with other models of the Modern collection.

Ecoveneer is a high-tech decor made by CPL technology (abb., “Continuous Pressure Laminates”). The main raw material for it is the smallest wood particles (waste wood production), connected by a silicone binder under pressure. The material is painted in the initial stages of production, before mixing. Therefore, all coatings in one decor are monochrome, which excludes the differences between same door leaves.
Ecoveneer coating TM “New Style” is produced in Europe and meets the national standards for chemical safety and ecology.
Advantages of Ecoveneer TM “New Style”:
• Detailed imitation of natural veneer at a more affordable price. The difference cannot be determined not only on the first sight, but also on touch.
• Increased resistance to water and steam. It can safely be subjected to wet cleaning and installed in the bathroom.
• Certified in accordance with international environmental and safety standards.
• Same colors for one type of decor.

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