Leona is an assembled interior door in collection Moda PVC Ultra in such decors as Oak Milky, Oak Smoky, Oak Honey, Oak Muscat, Oak Gray and Arctic matt in PVC DeLuxe covering. Available with black or satin glasses.

Увага! Наявність дверних полотен у точках продажу може змінюватися відповідно до виробничої асортиментної матриці виготовлення продукції, або закупки продукції дилерами та торговельними точками ТМ "Новий Стиль".

Leona is a flexiblel design with thin strips of glass: is it a bedroom, nursery, kitchen or hallway. Through a combination of smooth glass surfaces and textured wood coating gives an ability to use Leona in eclectic or high-tech styles.

ТМ «NEW STYLE» presents a new collection of popular doors «MODA» in modern decor of PVC Ultra. We have created new designs of doors and essentially expanded the choice of model for such interior styles: techno, loft, fusion, country, minimalism, constructivism, avant-garde. The novelties together with already popular on the market door leaves, make up a diverse and functional model range. PVC Ultra Coating is an innovative creation of TM «NEW STYLE». The unique palette of decor allows harmoniously pick up the door even for the most original interior.

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