Model of new “Italiano” collection. Manufactured in 2 glass options C1 and C2 in covering SmartCover in such decors as Perl White, Perl Silver, Perl Coffee, Perla Graphite, Perl Magic with Bronze, Graphite and Black glasses.

Увага! Наявність дверних полотен у точках продажу може змінюватися відповідно до виробничої асортиментної матриці виготовлення продукції, або закупки продукції дилерами та торговельними точками ТМ "Новий Стиль".

Venice. The combination of ornately shaped cut panels and smooth glass lend a special charm to the door leaf. The model “Venice” is available in two variants: C1 and C2. Variant “Venice” C1 – thin strips of glass alternate with wide MDF panels. Variant “Venice” C2 – symmetrically combined wide inserts of glass, MDF panels and thin glass. The variability of construction of this door model allows you to choose suitable doors to any room in your house.
Designers of TM “New Style” tirelessly improve the range of models and coatings of interior doors. When creating a new, modern decor, we prioritize its aesthetic qualities, practicality and safety. The new SmartCover covering was created with love for consumers and with care for you. We were inspired by the beauty of pearl chatoyant and combined the traditional texture of natural wood with mother-of-pearl shimmer. Matte silver glitter turns a standard decor item into a royal design element. The doors in SmartCover are durable, reliable and stylish. They look rich and luxurious.

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