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Should the interior door open inward or outward?


Before buying interior door, you need to know the dimensions of the doorway, and where the door will open. If the room is under renovation, then the direction of opening the doors needs to be determined at the stage of the design project, the location of the furniture and the switch in the room will depend on which side the door will open.
  • Interior doors in the bathroom or dressing room should open outside. This way of opening saves space, and the room becomes safer in case the person loses conscience and faints, and falling can block the door. Kitchen doors should also open outward, because the kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the apartment.

  • It is reasonable to install interior door to the child’s room so that it should open inward. If the child closes in the room and there is any unforeseen situation, then breaking the door will be easier.
  • At the entrance to the room, it should be visible what it contains. This is possible when the entrance is located in one of the corners of the room, but not in the middle. In this case, the interior door opens towards the nearest wall. If the entrance to the room is in the middle of the wall, then the opening should be from the side of the switch.
  • In the case when the interior doors hit each other, then one of the doors must be installed opening in another room, or the doorway should be shifted. While hitting each other, the interior doors deteriorate, and can also hit someone who is leaving the room. But the most important thing is to prevent one door from blocking the other.

  • The organization of doors in Feng Shui has a central role in the distribution of vital energy. According to this teaching, interior doors should open strictly inside the room and to the left of the entrance. And in no case do not lean against a wall, cabinet or other furniture.
If you live in a country house, then the standard restrictions do not apply to private homes. Here you rely on your own taste and convenience. But, designers and architects often prefer to use the rule that all interior doors should open in the direction where there is more space.


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