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Telescopic door frame - features and advantages


Interior door installation is quite a serious process which requires special skills and certain tools. The main difficulty lies not in a door leaf itself but in a doorway for the design of which the door frame set is intended.

What is a door frame set?

Door Frame set includes parts of a door block, which are measured in running meters, namely:
  • Doorframe
  • Expanding plank;
  • Architrave (if necessary).

When assembling the door block, the doorframe is initially installed, then the expanding planks, architraves, and at the end - the door leaf is hung.

There are two types of door frame products - Individual and Telescopic. Individual door frame sets are constructed in such a way that when installing you will need nails, liquid nails or micro pins.

Telescopic door frame set is a little bit more complicated in its design - its elements have special docking grooves that allow them to be connected together using the constructor method, without using any fastening elements.

The main advantage of the telescopic door frame set is that it not only facilitates and speeds up the process of the door block installing, but also solves the problem of installing doors in openings of non-standard sizes, as well as the problem of curved walls. Telescopic moldings are suitable for walls of any thickness and reduce the cost of finishing the doorway.

The main advantages of telescopic door frame set:

  • Aesthetics - there is no need to use any fastening elements so the door frame looks holistically, its design is not disturbed by the nails, micro pins;
  • There is an option of adjusting the width of the door block using the leg length (adjustment range - 30 mm per leg);
  • Practicality - you may install the doorframe in any opening without worrying about changing the geometric dimensions of the opening;
  • Hiding the imperfections of the opening and curvity of the wall. Correctly selected and installed frame set will perfectly hide all wall flaws due to its design;

Telescopic door frame

Telescopic door frame of an interior door is a set of strips that are connected to each other directly when the door block is installed.

Telescopic door frame differs from the individual one by the presence of grooves. They optimize the installation process and facilitate the fastening of the architraves without the use of nails. The telescopic door frame is easier to fit into openings with defects (for example, when the wall is thickened from top to bottom). The grooves into which the architraves or the expanding planks are snapped make it possible to adjust the width of the block depending on the thickness of the wall, masking the flaws.

A telescopic door frame set can consist of 2 upright and one cross element for the size of the door leaf or three upright ones. Material - wood or MDF, dimensions - 80/100 mm, thickness - 32mm.

Telescopic architrave

Frame element in the form of a plank. It is fixed to the door frame and decorates the area where the door is fixed to the wall. Telescopic architraves are tightly attached to the door frame or additional strip, eliminating any gaps. Thanks to this, the door block takes on a whole and complete look.

ТTelescopic architrave is usually L-shaped and can be rectangular or shaped.

In appearance, such an architrave looks like a corner, the leg of which is inserted into a groove on the end of the door frame. You can adjust the size of the wall depth to be overlapped by adjusting the architrave into the groove - deeper or higher. The leg can also be trimmed to increase the adjustable range.

TM New Style produces telescopic architraves in the following sizes:
  • Shaped (Provence, Elegant) - 80 * 16 with a leg size of 45 mm;
  • Rectangular - 70 * 10 with a leg size of 45 mm.

Telescopic expanding plank

An expanding plank is a necessary element if the wall thickness is more than the width of the door frame. In this case, part of the wall remains without decor and creates an unfinished and unaesthetic look. The expanding plank will easily correct this nuance. The plank is fixed in such a way that there is no gap between the architrave and the doorframe. When using telescopic expanding planks, there will be no need to plaster the slopes, which will reduce the time and money spent on repairs.

The installation of the telescopic expanding plank is carried out according to the principle of the constructor. It looks very simple - on both sides of the expanding plank there are grooves that are connected to each other. If it is necessary to connect two expanding planks together, a connecting key is used.

TM New Style produces telescopic expanding planks in sizes 80mm, 110mm, 250mm and 400mm.


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